AI Ideation Card Deck - 24+ AI Brainstorming Cards

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Have you ever questioned what AI can do for you, your team, your organization? How AI can help and support your processes? These cards got you covered! This deck will help you (and your team and/or clients) find answers and uncover opportunities for AI in your context and industry.

The AI Ideation Card Deck helps designers, managers and innovators leverage AI capabilities available to us today for social, user & business value. It includes 24 colorful prompt cards with 100+ example use cases across 7 categories to use during brainstorm or ideation sessions.

This digital edition includes a PDF downloadable of the deck, a link to access it at anytime online, and a Miro board you can duplicate to facilitate your own ideation session using the cards.


The card deck is published under a CC BY-ND license which means you're free to use and distribute the material freely as long as you give credit to AIxDESIGN and do not remix.


The physical versions of the AI Ideation Card Deck are currently out of stock with no plan of restocking. That said, you can grab the digital and print a set yourself, or join the waiting list here to be the first to know whenever we might print a re-run.


We can produce on-demand from a minimum of 20 decks. The cards come on 120x80 mm matte 350 g paper and in a solid hardcover box all designed by Astrid Niari. If you’re looking for a batch order, please reach out to and we'd be happy to make it happen!


If you're a non-profit, student, or in any way limited in your financial means, feel free to use the code N0NPROFIT for 15% off on check-out.


"The AI Ideation Deck has been extremely helpful for us as a team. Exploring new use cases and ways to apply AI technology with potential customers during pre-sales always went smoothly. When onboarding new team members on the non-technical side of our company, the card also plays a useful role in getting familiar with the possibilities of AI tech. We are looking forward to new materials from AIxDesign, whatever form they may take." - Maarten Stol (Chief Scientist @ Braincreators)

"We don't know what we don't know. Through the AI Ideation Cards I've found that we can poke holes in our current plans and expand what we consider. I'd highly recommend them as part of any product team building AI and ML technologies." - Chris Butler (Assistant Vice President @ Cognizant, previously Product Manager @ Facebook)

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24 what-if prompt cards
100+ examples
7 categories
a ready-to-go Miro board
tried and tested by 400+ facilitators
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68 pages
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AI Ideation Card Deck - 24+ AI Brainstorming Cards

0 ratings
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